Arizona Medical Board Investigation

Arizona Medical Board InvestigationA physician facing an Arizona Medical Board Investigation or complaint may be subject to probation, suspension or revocation of their medical license. Additionally, a physician may have difficulty finding future employment or be terminated from their current position unless the investigation is dealt with proactively. In order to maintain your professional reputation it is important to take action against any complaint. Once you receive notice of a complaint it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate and effective response to the complaint.


  1. A Complaint/Self-Report is filed with the Arizona Medical Board
  2. The Board determines if they have jurisdiction over the complaint
  3. An Investigator is assigned and a case number is given
  4. The Investigator sends a notification letter and questionnaire to the physician and the investigation begins
  5. The physician is given time (generally 14-30 days) to respond with information regarding the events behind the complaint.
  6. The investigator may schedule an interview
  7. A medical consultant may be assigned to review the patient’s chart if a patient care issue is alleged
  8. The investigator and/or medical consultant draft reports
  9. The physician has the opportunity to respond via a Supplemental Response
  10. The Staff Investigational Review Committee (SIRC) reviews the evidence and provides a recommendation to the Board
  11. Depending upon the SIRC recommendation the physician may have to appear before the Board at a Board Meeting
  12. The Board makes a decision whether to discipline the physician or not


A physician must take the necessary steps to nullify or reduce disciplinary actions taken against them and obtaining counsel is the best way to preserve the rights afforded by a license and avoid any fingerprint clearance card issues. If your career is threatened by an allegation of unethical acts, unlawful behavior or substance abuse, entrust Mr. Chelle to aggressively defend your interests.

If you have questions about an Arizona Medical Board Investigation contact Chelle Law.