Arizona Medical Board Discipline

Arizona Medical Board DisciplineUnder the current rules of the Arizona Medical Board, a physician facing an investigation or complaint may be subject to various types of Arizona Medical Board Discipline. These include probation, suspension, or revocation of their medical license. In addition, the health care professional may have difficulty finding future employment or be terminated from their current position unless the investigation is dealt with proactively.

In order to maintain your professional reputation it is important to take action against any complaint. Once you receive notice of a complaint it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate and effective response to the complaint.

The possible Arizona Medical Board Discipline include:

  1. Dismissal (case disposition)
  2. Advisory Letter (non-disciplinary outcome)
  3. Letter of Reprimand
  4. Civil Penalty
  5. Administrative Penalty
  6. Consent Agreement including probation and possible work restrictions
  7. Suspension
  8. Revocation or the Board can ask for a voluntary surrender in lieu of revocation

Arizona Medical Board Complaint Tips:

  • Politely refuse to speak to any representative from the Board asking you questions regarding the complaint. State that your attorney has instructed you not to speak to any representative from the Board they should contact your attorney.
  • Do not discuss the events surrounding the complaint with co-workers or the administration of your facility.
  • Document the events surrounding the complaint in detail. Your memory will degrade over time, so make certain to list dates, times, names and events around the event as soon as possible.
  • Any witnesses familiar with the incident that are willing to testify on your behalf should write down their recollection of the events in an affidavit (a sworn statement).
  • Determine if there is a fingerprint clearance card problem
  • Keep any and all documents related to the incident(s).  Be careful about obtaining or keeping patient charts if you were an employee and are no longer employed with the office or facility.

To learn more about Arizona Medical Board Discipline contact Chelle Law today before communicating with the Arizona Medical Board.